As its name indicates, the spork is half-spoon, half-fork, and while America was clearly behind on the other cutlery trends, the spork is a true American eating utensil. Ever wonder how the eating utensils you dine with came about? MARROW SCOOPS At a certain point in the history of western eating (the 18th to 19th century, to be precise), we had utensils for pretty much everything. How did they come about to look the way we have them today? Spoons are one of the oldest eating utensils on the planet. The double-edged knife was, and is, a tool, a weapon and an eating utensil. First formed of shells, which were later attached to sticks, the first spoons were used by our earliest ancestors and eventually evolved to become the flatware … Courtesy Reitz Collecton of Food Technology, San Francisco. This happened when a population boom across China sapped resources and forced cooks to develop cost-saving habits. But as additional sources in this general subject area, you should view the Eating & Dining and Feasts and Feasting sections for 14th-16th century manuscript illustrations and woodcuts. Cutlery, Background Eating or serving with utensils made of silver, silver-plated metals or stainless steel is relatively recent. Like anything else, our cutlery has a history. Historical evidence of putting together two sticks to use during cooking or eating have been found in East Asia and the Middle East. I mean, the cavemen surely did not have the same tools to eat with that we do now. Spoons. The Utensils: From Eating to Dining By Michelle Galler • January 11, 2016 0 5734. Ancient chopsticks from China. The shape of the fork has been around a lot longer than the eating utensil. Eating, Drinking and Cooking Utensils for Ladies, Gentlemen, Children (Boy's & Girl's) & U.S. Military of the: Federal Era, Jacksonian Era, Dickens, Manifest Destiny, Victorian, Antebellum, American Civil War, Gilded Age, Gay 90s and Old West But with that history is the reflection of the history of the world in which it all developed. Early utensils evolved through the cultures and the ages. And you may also want to read A History … Most … Chopsticks are one of the simplest, oldest and most widely used utensils for eating, and are still the primary eating utensil for over 22 percent of the world's population today. Feast gear: beyond the thriftstore wooden plate has some good advice, too. History of Chopsticks Timeline. Silver needed to be discover… Silver needed to be discover… Silver , Silver Background Silver was one of the earliest metals known to humans, and it has been considered a precious metal since ancient times. Early Americans were close to medieval in their dining habits. The oldest eating utensil, after our fingers, is the modest spoon, but there is nothing modest about its role in human development. Zhu Kuaizi. It wasn’t until A.D. 400 that people began eating with the utensils.

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